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Moving To Colorado???

Upon your arrival to the Denver area, you will find a wide variety of financial services. Colorado has recently become a branch banking state, which allows you the convenience of banking throughout the state if you choose one of the larger branch banks; or you may wish to choose one of several local independently owned banks with true Colorado entrepreneurial spirit. Whatever kind of bank you choose, you will find a strong local banking environment to meet all of your needs from home loans to checking accounts.

Vehicle Registration
Emissions Testing - Colorado state law requires that vehicles undergo an emissions inspection and vin verification to license an out-of-state vehicle.

License Plates - Colorado license plates must be obtained in your county within 5 days of establishing residency or employment. Non-resident students and military personnel are excluded if they have valid license plates from their home state. To obtain Colorado plates, you must have verification of your motor vehicle’s motor and serial numbers, your title or registration and an emissions inspection to get the license plates from one of the many vehicle registration offices located in each county. Fees are based on weight, age, and taxable value.

Driver’s License
Even with a valid out-of-state driver’s license, you must still pass an eye test and a written examination within 30 days of residency to receive a Colorado driver’s license. Unless of course, you are a non-resident student or military personnel with a valid driver’s license from your home state.

To register to vote, you must be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years of age before the next election and a resident of your county and precinct for 32 days prior to the next election date. You can register to vote when you register your vehicle or apply for your driver’s license. Also you can register at any city and town clerk or a county election department.

Pet Licenses
Dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies, and dogs must be licensed annually. Pets brought to the metro Denver area must either be vaccinated within 30 days or have been vaccinated within the past twelve months. Most communities have strict leash laws. Licenses must be obtained at the animal shelter in the city or county where you reside. Proof of current rabies vaccination is required.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses
Hunting and fishing licenses may be purchased at most sporting goods stores or the Wildlife Division Central Region Office.

U.S. West provides telephone service to the Denver area and residential service will cost $18-20 per month. If your home is already wired for service, hookup can be done in a day or so. If not, seven to ten days will be needed to get service.

Gas and electricity are provided to most of metro Denver by the Public Service Company of Colorado. However, you will find smaller utility companies providing service in the outlying suburban areas. According to a recent study, Denver utility bills ranked lower than 26 major cities in the nation and 24.6 percent below the national average.

Water is provided to the metro Denver area by the Denver Water Department which has extensive holdings throughout the Rock Mountain region.
Many of the metro Denver suburbs purchase water from the Denver Water Department. Rates for water service and sewage compare favorably with the rest of the country.

On a national basis, the combined amount of state and local taxes collected per capita ranked in the bottom third nationally. While state and local taxes collected per $1,000 of personal income ranked well below the national average, 32nd out of 50 states.
Retail Sales Taxes - Retail sales taxes vary by county and community.
Residential Property Taxes - Based on 1991 value assessed at 12.86%, the average mill levy in the metro area was 96.482 in 1992.

Airport - February 28, 1995 was the opening date for the new Denver International Airport. Stapleton International which has served the metro area for over 50 years closed permanently. Twenty-three scheduled airlines serve the metro area and give non-stop service to every major city in the U.S. and also provide excellent connections to international flights.

DIA is located five miles east of the I-70 and I-225 interchange. This new airport is state-of-the-art and is projected to rank in the top five of the nation’s busiest airports.

Bus service - Local bus service is provided by the Regional Transportation District. Serving the metropolitan area, the bus service provides direct routes across town and service to many neighborhoods. Greyhound provides bus services nationwide from terminals in Denver, Aurora, and Commerce City.

Major roads and highways - Denver is bisected by I-25 which runs north to Cheyenne and south to Albuquerque, and I-70 which comes east from Kansas and goes west to Salt Lake City. C-470 connects I-25 with I-70 in the southwest quadrant of metro Denver. E-470, a tollway under construction, will connect I-25 with the new airport through the southeast quadrant of metro Denver. U.S. Hwy 36, a four-lane expressway, connects Boulder with Denver. I-76 connects Denver with I-80 in Nebraska.

Train service - For those with more time on their hands, and maybe a bit of nostalgia in their blood, there is still the railroad. Amtrak service is available from beautiful, historic downtown Union Station with daily departures serving Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago. Westbound trains pass through Glenwood Canyon, one of the most scenic railroad routes in the West.

Shopping in Metro Denver
There is virtually nothing available throughout the United States that cannot be found in Metro Denver. With the abundance of fine department store chains, modern malls and specialty shops and boutiques, you will find the above claim to be honest and true. Besides what you can find, where you find it will be at least half the fun.

Associations, Organizations & Clubs
From elks to the Arts, there is something for everyone in the organizations and clubs of Metro Denver. Not only are there chapters of many major clubs (both national and international), but there are also many that are native to our city and specially fitted to the wants, needs, and features of the area.

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